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in Linux - 18 Oct, 2016
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There are several installation in linux/centos platform which needs specific run level.

Basically if you are running linux/centos in a graphic mode, its a run level 5, You may find some errors while installing some packages which says, you need to perform the installation in run level 3 and right now you are in run level 5.

Run Level 3 means you need to perform installation in a text mode only.

If you face such issue while installing your package, You need to follow the following steps.

Note: You must be logged in as a root. We will edit inittab file

Assuming you are in graphic mode which is run level 5, and we will change it to run level 3 which is text mode only.

Step 1. Right click on free space and open terminal.

Step 2. Type the command: sudo ls /etc | grep inittab

Step 3. In order to edit inittab file, Type command: sudo nano /etc/inittab

Now you will find that initab file is open,

Step 4. Now scroll down to find text id:5:intidefault

Step 5. Replace number 5 with 3. id:3:intidefault

Step 6. Now press ctrl 0 to save file and ctrl x and enter.

Step 7. Now we made changes in inittab file and saved it. Just type reboot and your machine will reboot in run level 3 i.e text mode only.

To watch video follow the below link:

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