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in Router - 01 Oct, 2015
by TechiJack - one comment

Configuring Parental Control On Netgear Router

What is parental Control: Parental control basically does the web and content filtering to protect user form unwanted and unauthorised stuff on internet.

While browsing internet, there are lot of other stuff which comes into the network/computer. Netgear genie provides the feature of parental control to block unwanted web traffic. User can also block the access to the category or the list of website category to disallow the traffic to a user network/computer.

User using a netgear wireless router, can enable parental control by downloading netgear genie software to their computer or mac and by creating a free open dns account.

In order to enable the parental control on your netgear device. There are few steps to follow

Please click on a video to watch how you can control web filtering on your network by enabling parental control on your netgear wireless router.

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  • sarita //19 Oct 2015

    Nice one to stop unwanted website