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in Norton Antivirus - 03 Jul, 2018
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Be aware of online travel scams

Online Travel Scam :

Online travel scam happens in summer vacations while travelling, people are thinking of their holidays in mind. They are really engaged in ticketing,booking and imagining of their trip, more than 70% people do not use vpn while their travelling.

Now a days it is not enough to close your house and lock up your doors, you need to protect your privacy, identity, data and devices too while you are on vacation.

Awareness :

You need to keep in mind that all the travel, tour package you are searching online should be safe. Recommendation is to use official website for flight, hotel or any other renting service, where you are buying online.

Do Not Broadcast Your Location: 

Keep in mind that, you have updated your privacy on all social media platforms, make sure that only family and your safe friend list can only see your uploaded photos. Do not share your family pictures or ticket on social media. It intimates other’s that there is no one in your house.

Safe Web Surfing :

Avoid connecting public WiFi on airport, restaurant etc, by some simple technique and tools, they can steal your login password, data etc. Try to make use of vpn connection to connect to internet. It encrypt the connection and keep you safe.

Bluetooth Sharing :

Turn off your Bluetooth while you are on vacation, many time we all forget to turn off the Bluetooth. It can harm your device while keeping it on. Immediately turn it off after use.

Make Use Of Credit Card :

Make a use of credit card, while you are on vacation, let your credit card company know that you are on vacation and keep monitoring your card for suspicious activity, do not use your debit card online when you are on vacation. Mostly make use of apple pay or PayPal.

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