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in Openfire chat server - 29 Sep, 2015
by TechiJack - one comment

Openfire Installation Configuration –               Help # 855-554-5560

Openfire is launched by Ignite Realtime, its a open source. It provide instant chat service which can be installed on windows server and even on linux. Openfire installation configuration is not so difficult. You can try it yourself by following the video, if required you can call for help.

Why Openfire –

Once openfire installation and configuration is done, you can create users and groups and install plugin you required.

Features –

If you are looking for free chat server, openfire is real a good choice, it can be integrated with active directory, users can be created under different groups. You get many of other plugins which can be installed according to any organization requirements.

For Help Call # 855-554-5560

Download Link: http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/index.jsp#openfire

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