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Pet Foods

Pet Foods

Is a plant or animal live stock eat by pets, available at city/town shop or super market, now a day’s also available with online store

Pet Foods : Fish foods

Fish food normally is trace element vitamins and macro-nutrients necessary to keep captive fish in good health. Above 75% o fish lover feed their fish exclusively prepared foods that most commonly are produced in tablets, flake and pellet

Pet Foods : Bird foods

It consists of a variety of seeds. However, not all birds eat seeds. Nectar (essentially sugar water) attracts hummingbirds

Pet Foods : Cat Foods

Cat food both animal and plant extract with minerals vitamins and other nutrients. Cat food is formulated to address the specific nutritional requirements of cats, in particular containing the amino acid taurine as cats cannot survive on taurine-deficient food

Pet Foods : Dog Foods

Human leftover food is dangerous for Dogs.

As a dog lover want to feed the best to their dogs, sadly there are not many nutritious food brands available.


Corn, gluten meal, chicken or meat byproducts, meat and bone meal are the main ingredients for pedigree.

Corn and gluten meal are just cheap fillers and many dogs are allergic to it. Byproducts and bone meal are derived from the leftovers of carcass which includes bones, eyes, beaks, feet, nails, and feathers of the animal. There is no specified meat in any formula. Thus Pedigree is full of trash dog food.


It has fresh meat as its first ingredient which is a palatable and great source of protein but it reduces to 1/4th of its original proportion after cooking and thus most of the protein in Eukanuba foods is derived from corn, rice and byproducts which is less digestible and sometimes even allergic to some dogs.

Arden Grange

Being an European brand it has % written for initial ingredients. Rich in both fresh meat  and meat meal it has only 30% of grains, mostly rice which is far better than corn or wheat. Also there are lots of other helthy things added like beet pulp, eggs, fish oils etc. Its also low in fat which makes it a perfectly healthy option.

Farmina’s N & D low grain

No recalls ever; its one of the best dog food companies. Being Italian brand % of ingredients are specified. It has only 20%-25% of oats and splets combined which are healthy substitutes to rice and corn, and are easy to digest. Rich in fresh chicken it has more than 55%-60% of meat making it best so far. It also has 33% of crude protein which is highest in any dog food. One of the best available.

For online order please visit on www.mypetszone.in

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